The SBME Welcomes Faculty Member Dr. Tim Salcudean

The SBME welcomes Dr. Tim Salcudean, who joined the School as a faculty member earlier in 2021.

Dr. Salcudean’s research focuses on ultrasound, teleoperation, and image-guided surgical robotics. He has collaborated closely with SBME associate faculty member Dr. Robert Rohling to develop imaging methods to measure tissue mechanical properties, and he continues to work with clinical collaborators on exploring how these properties correlate with disease. In his new appointment, he will conduct his research jointly with SBME and the UBC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Dr. Salcudean received his MEng from McGill University and his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley; both in electrical engineering. He holds the UBC Laszlo Chair in Biomedical Engineering and a Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Computer Interface Design.

Always at the heart of Dr. Salcudean’s work is innovating the clinical and end-user experience. From developing technologies for more accurate diagnosis, screening, and disease management to breaking the confines of the human-computer divide, Dr. Salcudean aims to transform healthcare for the better.

We’re excited that he will be discovering, inventing, and translating with the SBME. Join us in welcoming Dr. Salcudean to our faculty team.