Gain work experience in your field

The Engineering Co-Operative Education program provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical hands-on industrial experience to complement their formal engineering studies.

The benefits for students

The co-op program gives students the opportunity to put their skills to the test through on-the-job training.  Your time in co-op placements will extend the duration of your engineering studies by one year (typical co-op students take eight academic semesters and five work semesters over a five-year period to complete their degree), but this is time well-spent. Here’s why:

  • You’ll gain practical experience in your field
  • You’ll learn how to work effectively in the professional world
  • It will help guide your future career objectives
  • It will put your studies into practice and context
  • It will introduce you to potential future employers
  • It provides an income that helps support your studies
  • It creates a stand-out work record for future employers to see

Co-op Schedule

Year 1Study 1Study 2Vacation
Year 2Study 3Study 4Work 1
4 months
Year 3Study 5Study 6Work 2
4 months
Year 4Work 3
4 months
Work 4
4 months
Work 5
4 months
Year 5Study 7Study 8