Academic Policies

UBC & SBME Policies

We set a high standard for academic integrity at UBC and the SBME. To ensure that we are all accountable to that standard, see below for summaries of polices that most directly impact students, including department-specific policies that may not appear in the Calendar.

UBC Academic Calendar

The UBC Academic Calendar is a comprehensive guide to all programs, courses, and services at UBC. It also serves as a touchpoint for key academic policies and procedures. Students are strongly advised to review the Academic Calendar to familiarize themselves with the University’s academic policies.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct is unacceptable behaviour that can result in receiving a grade of zero on an assignment or in a course, or even expulsion from the university. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with what constitutes academic misconduct and its consequences.

Course Planning

The School of Biomedical Engineering has many core, stream core, and technical elective courses. Students must be careful to take the right courses at the right time so that they can graduate on schedule. The School offers a concise guide on the Curriculum Page to help you with managing prerequisites and planning your degree; you should review this guide each year before choosing your STT and courses.

Degree Navigator (on the Student Service Centre) is another helpful resource to help you plan your degree. Note that Degree Navigator should only be used as a tool to help you plan your courses and view your degree progress. It should not be used as a formal way to verify that you have met your degree requirements, and students are strongly encouraged to contact the Biomedical Engineering Student Services Office for a graduation check if they want to confirm that they have completed what is needed to graduate.

Course Conflicts

The School strongly discourages conflicts in a student’s academic schedule. Regardless of conflicts, students are expected to complete all required course activities. Faculty members have no obligation to accommodate students due to course conflicts.

The School is unable to approve course conflicts. If you want to register for a course that will result in a schedule conflict, you will need the approval of both instructors and of Engineering Student Services.


All final grades for undergraduate BMEG-coded courses are reviewed and adjudicated by a committee chaired by the Director of the Undergraduate Program (Teaching), and consisting of instructors of all courses offered in a given term. No grades may be considered final until they have been approved by this committee, and ultimately the School Director. Meetings are held once per term to review the conduct of courses and their grading practices, review and adjudicate marginal cases, identify students who may need guidance or support, and identify students who are excelling. Finalized grades will be uploaded to the Student Service Centre.

Term 1 marks will typically be made available by midweek of the second week of term 2 classes.

Term 2 marks will typically be made available by the end of the second week of May.

Summer term marks availability will vary depending on courses offered and completion of projects.

Academic Accommodations

Students may be eligible for exam and/or course accommodations in certain exceptional circumstances. Please see the links listed below for more information on the various types of accommodations for which students may apply.


It’s important to understand UBC’s official rules and policies on exams. Students should familiarize themselves with the Academic Assessment section of the Calendar for information exams.

Copyright Policies

Students are responsible for ensuring they comply with copyright laws and the university’s policies on copyright when accessing or reproducing copyrighted works

Snow Days

During severe weather, Biomedical Engineering students may discover if UBC is open and if classes are offered by the following methods:

  1. Calling the APSC Dean’s Office (604-822-6413). If classes are cancelled, it will be announced in the voicemail greeting.
  2. Calling the Engineering Student Services Office (604-822-6556). If classes are cancelled, it will be announced in the voicemail greeting.
  3. Listening to CBC Radio (690AM), CKNW (1130AM), and other local radio stations. If classes are cancelled, it will be announced on these radio stations.
  4. Checking the UBC website ( If classes are cancelled, it will be posted on the website.

Note: In the case of an extended period of adverse weather conditions, students are to reconfirm closure each day in the same manner.